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PC ball valve

Application standards
1.Design and manufacture conform to:BS5351
2.Connection ends conform to: ANSI B16.11; JB/T1751
1)Screw ends dimension conform to ANSI B16.11; JB/T1751
2)Screw ends dimension conform to ANSI B 1.20.1;JB/T7306
3)Test and inspection conform to ANSI B1.20.1;JB/T9092
3.Test and inspection conform to:API598; GB/T13927; JB/T9092
4.Structure features: Bolted bonnet: three-piece:
5.Materials conform to ANSI/ASTM
6.Main materials: A105; LF2; F5; F11; F22; 304(L); 316(L); F347; F321; F51; Monel; 20alloy