In April

In April, we ushered in the PK launch conference for the sales of fully welded ball valves in the new quarter.The main contents of the meeting were: the PK launch meeting of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and the Network Department, the sharing of the new PPT, and the April summary of the work of the Sales Department. Each quarter of Tyco has a sales summary conference. The purpose of the conference is to summarize the work of the previous quarter and the launch of the new quarter sales PK and the discussion and exchanges betweenemployees.

The first one introduces the basic situation of each team by the supporters. Our company is divided into six major teams, namely, the Flying Tigers, the Dragons, the Xuan Huang, the Unicorn, the Predicament, and the Hongjun Team. This is a few big teams for our sales staff. A short introduction by each employee to the self is carried out by the captain to show the team. In order to encourage and motivate our employees, we also have team PKs and individual PKs and we have a lot of money. The PK objects for sale can be found on the spot for exchange, and the specific color heads are determined freely by the team and individuals. When an employee wins, the company will reward the employee with a bonus of 3 times. This not only promotes the company's team harmony, but also increases the mutual understanding between colleagues. Everyone is enthusiastically participating in this event and the atmosphere on the scene is very hot. This also reflects the part of our culture of Tyco. Everyone has the opportunity to create success.

The second new month is summarized. Tyco has always been adhering to the purpose of focusing on talent cultivation. When there are new recruits working for one month, there will be a summary and sharing of new work for the month. In addition to working, new employees can learn other knowledge to further understand and promote themselves by sharing the communication with others. At the same time, I got training to improve my working ability.

The third sales department’s regular meeting in April. Hard sweat always wins the harvest, and unremitting efforts can finally reach the end. At the end of the month, everyone will summarize their own performance in the previous quarter. First, they will be summarized by the various department heads. Then the employees will summarize their performance and situation one by one. Finally, there will be a free exchange time. Everyone can speak out the problems they have encountered in their work. Everyone can speak out their own ideas or solutions.

Frequently discussed issues all have certain accumulated experience for our newcomers. The idea of a person may not be comprehensive, but after everyone's discussion and analysis will have a different effect. attitude determines everything; details makes success. Work with persistence, honesty, and earnestness, and carry forward the mission of Shenyang Tyco Fluid Control Co., Ltd. to realize energy more efficiently and make the sky more blue.