TKFM valve activity- travel and sales meeting in August

In August, in order to active employees, increase the team spirit, tkfm valve sales department decided to hold sales meeting in the form of tourism.
In order to alleviate the work pressure better , we specially selected farmhouse in small city Benxi . On July 29, each team as an unit, at 7:00 am, we depart from Shenyang on time. After nearly two hours of bumps, we came to this beautiful place with clear river and green mountain.

There were beautiful mountain and green grass, water of small river was gurgling. People scattered a group of geese and ducks here and there. Soon, evening came and we stayed i a small courtyard farm, it is big, and also very clean. The quietness of the village made people forget the hustle and bustle of the city, instantly relaxed and happy, all the fatigue on the road are gone.Put down the parcels, we entered the first theme: August sales regular meeting.

At the meeting, the sales staff conducted a sales report, the month crown to share the sales story, successful experience, the sales process of people and things.The meeting resolved the salespeople in August during the sales process encountered difficulties and doubts, and finally by the sales director to lead the sales staff to develop the next quarter sales target, including key projects, regional, industry and target sales.

Finally, we had a free discussion, analysis of the customer, product mix, competitive situation, the market situation, market development and so on.
After nearly two hours, Shenyang Taike Fluid Control Co., Ltd. in August 2017 sales meeting got a completely success.
In the afternoon, we came to the closed mountain - drifting. Here, teamwork, team relations showed the extreme dripping, in addition to colleagues, we became intimate friends.
The event relax our body and mind. Freshness of the village shocked of our passion, press the shutter, the smile and harmonies were staying in the eternal memory.