April spring breeze

April spring breeze, catkins fly. TKFM In order to ease the pressure on employees, a series of activities was held. For the company's employees to extract pressure, we held a table tennis, badminton, shuttlecock game. Race out of personal style, match the ability to unite and cooperate between teams. No arrogance or defeat.

    Table tennis, as China's national ball, has a high penetration rate. Although everyone does not have specialized training at ordinary times, they can all come in handily, so the competition is fierce. The competition is divided into three parts: men's singles, women's singles and mixed men's and women's doubles. The competition took place among a number of even-matched competitors. From time to time, there was a loud applause from the competition and the excitement of "good ball" continued. In the end, after two weeks of fierce fighting, Kong Debao won the men's singles championship and Li Baoli won the women's singles championship. The last two PK women's victory, won a table tennis racket. Truly interpret the true nature of the woman's eyebrows.