The cool breeze blew on the cheeks of the little partners.

The cool breeze blew on the cheeks of the little partners. Everyone welcomed us with a happy mood. Today, the morning session of Shenyang Tyco Flow Control Co., Ltd. was chaired by one of the General Department. The teams participating today are the Chifeng Team, Hongjun Team, Qinglan Team and the Firebird Team. In the morning, a total of five items were conducted.

At the first assembly time, the host said the name of the team and the captain answered whether the team had been assembled. The main point of view is whether all the personnel of this team reached the situation and all the personnel of the four teams arrived.

The second company news is mainly about the company's greening. Potted plants were placed in each office, meeting room, rest area, front desk, foyer and factory area. The staff of the office’s floral office must be constantly monitored to see if there is a shortage of water. The conference room’s flowers are guarded by the monthly part-time meeting room health staff to see if there is a shortage of water. The rest area is also under the care of members who clean the day, and the front desk and lobby are mainly It is under the supervision of the front desk part-time personnel.

The greening of the plant area is maintained by everyone and the situation of lack of water can be seen in a timely manner. The flowers in the pots can be poured once a week. The pots are used to pour the flowers in two days, or the varieties of some flowers vary, depending on the circumstances. Since we have conditions, we must maintain a green environment.

The third corporate culture is the core part of the company. Every morning, we collectively read it, our core values, our vision and our mission. This is also a constant reminder to every member of Shenyang taike fluid control co., ltd. This is our aim is our goal.

The fourth dance is youth, which is one of the things that will happen every morning. This shows that we are not afraid of the old spirit. We have young energy and unremitting spirit. This is our vigorous and vibrant spirit.

The fifth team showed that all the members of this team collectively shouted out the slogan of their own team. A loud slogan inspired every one of us to be distressed and hard-working. This is the unique youthful atmosphere of our company.
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