The May Day holiday ends, and we face the work with a new and full spirit.

The main contents of today’s morning meeting are: the work of the production staff of the fully welded ball valve is summarized and shared, and their work is summarized and summarized. I believe that every employee is from ignorance to familiarity and finally mastery. The rotating operation also allows each employee to have a new experience and awareness, and become more familiar with the company's production process, so as to better manufacture products for the company and ensure product quality.

Next is the exciting moment, “Rewards for Big Wheel”. After one month of labor, performance, and actively participating in the company’s activities to win the top five of the standings, it will be possible to obtain a large turntable and get a corresponding Gifts to promote the process of corporate culture.

In order to promote the corporate culture of TKFM badminton, table tennis, and shuttlecock competitions were held, which not only motivated the individual's fighting spirit, but also promoted the team's ability to cooperate. After a fierce two-week duel, In the final evaluation of the winners, the chairman personally presented awards and photos for the winners. At this moment, it is believed that each winner’s heart will have a little excitement. The competition not only reflects the company’s culture, but also promotes everyone’s harmonious coexistence. The work is more enjoyable.

In the end, there is one thing that will happen every morning. It is dancing youth, let us become more energetic, jump out of our style, jump out of our uniqueness and make it different. After the dance, each team will have a team show. Each team will shout their own slogans. This is not only a slogan, but also a key to inspiring the team members. Let us remember the goals in mind, go forward towards the goals, and work hard together. better.

Do not say you can not, but you have never worked hard, so you will not be improved, as long as you seriously study, you will find that you will get more, no effort, no gain.